Purpose: This template is displayed when a customer attempts to add an item to their wish list, but has not yet logged into their store account.

Code Blocks

Note: It is important to preserve the commented tags to ensure the software performs correctly.

        <!--END: CATEGORY_HEADER-->
        <!--START: loginBox-->
        <!--END: loginBox-->
        <!--END: CATEGORY_FOOTER-->

Note: Code blocks and their respective variables will only work with specific template pages.


Note: The login portion of this page is inserted dynamically using the login form provided by the “login-account.html” template.

  • [wishlist_prelogin] – Displays the Title of the “Wish List – Login” heading of the page. (See Settings ->Design ->Store Language)
  • [loginBox] – Inserts the Account Login page controlled by “login-account.html”