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We want our customers to buy amazing web designs for their stores. And we would like you to design amazing templates and profit. If you design, program (html/css) and support your template you get 70% of your template sales. All support issues will be e-mailed to you and you agree to respond and resolve the issues within 24 Hrs. To start, register with us and follow this simple design guidelines:

You design, program and support your templates in exchange of 70% of the template sales.

We'll evaluate the template and determine its technical viability before it goes to sale. Our premium templates range from $99 to $199

Template Design Guidelines

Elements and rules your templates should follow

Sample Design
1. Logo 2. Secondary Navigation 3. Main Navigation + Drop Down 4. Log in / Log Out 5. Search 6. Shopping Cart 7. Interchangeable Blocks 8. Include Featured Products 9. Newsletter Signup 10. Homepage Banners 11. Bottom Navigation + Credit Card Logos
  • 1Logo

    It must reflect the theme you created. This is for demonstration purposes (screenshot) only and will NOT be included as part of the template. The logo must not be part of the template background and must have ample room for a variety of logo sizes to fit in that general area.

  • 2Secondary Navigation

    You need to design a secondary navigation for informational pages such as about us, etc. (We call these extra pages).

  • 3Main Navigation + Drop Down

    All designs must include a category navigation with a dropdown design using flat colors preferably.

  • 4Log in / Log out

    Please include a "hello, Name".

  • 5Search

    Button is optional

  • 6Shopping Cart

    A shopping cart is needed. The product count must hold up to three characters as in "999". Total in cart is encouraged to be used.

  • 7Interchangeable Blocks

    Blocks must be interchangeable due to our drag n drop design feature. That means, that every block must look good whether placed to the right or left.

  • 8Include Featured Products

    All homepage designs must include rows of featured products. This wil dictate how many other pages look as well.

  • 9Newsletter Signup

    Design a simple newsletter signup form & button.

  • 10Homepage Banners

    Get creative, but we do need homepage banners featuring some sort of product, a special offer or a fictitional service.

  • 11Bottom Navigation & Credit Card Logos

    Include bottom navigation links, copyright info and credit card icons. Security logos are optional.

The Dont's

What you should not do

No More Than 3 Presets

You can come up with color/texture variations of the same template, but they must be unique and no more than 3 per layout.

Don't violate copyright

Do not incorporate copyrighted material into your designs as they will not be distributed.

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