Purpose: This template displays all redeemable items available through a store’s "Rewards" program.

Code Blocks

Note: It is important to preserve the commented tags to ensure the software performs correctly.

    <!--START: myAccount-->
    <!--END: myAccount-->
    <!-------- START: Item menu --------------------->
        <!--START: CATEGORY_ITEMS-->
            <!--START: ITEM_TEMPLATE-->
            <!--END: ITEM_TEMPLATE-->
        <!--END: CATEGORY_ITEMS-->
    <!------------- END: Item menu ------------------------->

Note: Code blocks and their respective variables will only work with specific template pages.


Note: Several of these variables are used in multiple places on the page, with their dynamic content controlled by the code block used in each instance.

  • [rewards_details-detail] – Displays the Title of the “My Rewards – Detail” heading of the page.
  • [rewards_redeem-productsList] – Displays the Title of the “Products List” text of the Page.
  • [catalogid] – Used by the Software to reference and insert the redeemable products.
  • [THUMBNAIL] – Inserts each redeemable product’s respective Thumbnail image.
  • [name] – Inserts each redeemable product’s respective name information.
  • [reward_redeem] – Inserts the number of Reward Points that must be redeemed to purchase the product.