Purpose: Displays an animated graphic while the system is processing a request. (2 areas where this happens is when calculating shipping costs, and when contacting the payment gateway).

Notes: The file is a simple table with an animated gif. The JavaScript around the table is necessary to have it disappear once the page is loaded. Feel free to replace the animated gif with something of your choice, just make sure that it looks okay when it loops as you do not know how long this page will display to the customer, it could be anywhere from a few seconds to up to a minute.

Code Blocks

Note: It is important to preserve the commented tags to ensure the software performs correctly.

    <!--START: PART1-->
    <!--END: PART1-->
    <!--START: PART2-->
    <!--END: PART2-->

Codeblocks and its variables will only work in specific pages.


  • [message] – Inserts the message of the function that is processed.